Other Items

Other Items
     Asiago Cheese $7.99
     Broccoli Patties $2.99
     Eggplant Parmeggiano $5.98
     Eggplant Rotini $5.50
     Fontinella Cheese $7.99
     Fontina Cheese $7.99
     Lasagna $5.98
     Meat Calzone $3.99
     Ricotta Salata Dried $7.99
     Fresh Ricotta or cups $3.98
     Sausage (dried) FRESH PLU 120 $10.98
     Spinach Calzone $3.99
     PRASKY $4.98
Purchase this product at Rito's Italian Bakery and Deli in Brunswick. Please call (330) 220-3103 to check on price and availability.
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