Octoberfest Labor Day Berea Fairgrounds

Come party and grab a bite to eat with Rito's Bakery at Octoberfest.
EVENT NAME: Clevelands Octoberfest

EVENT TYPE: Cleveland Oktoberfest is to promote and support the arts by conducting live musical and artistic cultural performances for the general public. This serves to preserve, promote and perpetuate European Heritage within the Cleveland area, while at once advancing and fostering education and general awareness. Numerous charitable groups and organizations benefit from Cleveland Oktoberfest
ORGANIZATION: Rito's Italian Bakery

DESCRIPTION: Live music and art festival 

LOCATION: Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds

COST: $13

START DATE/TIME: September 3rd & 10th, 2021 

END DATE/TIME: September 6th & 11th, 2021