Rito’s Memory Contest Winner

My husband's grandmother is an Italian immigrant from Sicily. She lived in a small town in Pennsylvania until about a decade ago when she moved to Medina to be closer to family in her last few years of life. Like many Italian women of her generation, she loved fresh food and adored good Italian cooking. One of her favorite desserts when she came to Medina were cannolis from your bakery. In the last two weeks of her life she became very feeble and sometimes had trouble feeding herself. More importantly, she refused most food as she simply did not want to eat. 
One afternoon I was asked to spend some time with her while my husband's aunt went to the store. On my way over, I picked up a few cannolis from Ritos with the hope that she might take a bite. When I got to her house I went to her chair, opened up the box and asked if she wanted one. She looked at me with a large smile and nodded. Slowly, I fed her little bites as she made deep "mmmm" sounds. She ended up eating the whole thing, the largest meal she had in days. She passed away a week later but I don't think I'll ever forget the smell of a fresh Rito's cannoli, feeding this lovely person every bite until the whole thing was gone and watching an expression of complete satisfaction come across her face when it was finished. You produce more than baked goods in my opinion, you craft bits of happiness. Thank you so much for your cannolis and for being a vital part of a significant memory for me.
We would like to thank all those who participated.  We are humbled and very grateful to a part special moments in your lives. We hope to continue making wonderful memories and serve you in the future.

The Rito Family and Employees